Department of Education, Government of Meghalaya, in the project, has been designated as Project Implementation Unit 1 (PIU1) and headed by Principal Secretary, Education. The key responsibility of the PIU1 is to focus on enhancing the quality of secondary and higher secondary education in government aided schools across the state and up-gradation of school buildings, Teacher Training Centres (TTC) and District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) as well the capacity building of the teachers. Besides this, the PIU1 is responsible for entering into agreements on behalf of the state with SMCs of the selected schools and ensuring compliance through regular monitoring, supervising and tracking the school upgrading work, consulting with relevant stakeholders to create a sense of participation and ownership, monitoring the training programs for untrained or under-qualified secondary school teachers, mobilizing staff and consultants for smooth implementation of project activities, preparing progress monitoring reports and audit statements, and seeking timely action and decisions from the PSC and PMU as needed. In the project,

The key activities of the PIU1 are:-

Upgradation of 117 Schools, 2 TTCs and 4 DIETs

Under the project, the infrastructure of 117 or about 20% of the government-aided private Secondary and Higher Secondary schools are upgraded to RMSA standards to improve the overall learning and teaching environment, improve access for the physically challenged, and meet seismic and other safety standards.3 Additional rooms and facilities including laboratories, libraries, separate toilets for girls and boys, girls activity room, clean drinking water, better furniture, display boards, digital content and computers will be provided. Rooms will be built to accommodate grades 11 and 12 where required to increase retention and enrollment at the higher secondary level. 2 TTCs will be upgraded and provided with modern teaching facilities. While the TTCs have been traditionally used for training of primary school teachers, the upgraded facilities will also be offered for training of SHS teachers under the project. More intensive use of the TTCs will significantly increase Meghalaya‘s annual training capacity to train primary as well as SHS school teachers. The project will also support additional training for the instructors of the TTCs in the use of ICT-based teaching methods and modern pedagogical approaches. The 4 DIET are upgraded with various civil works in order to provide better learning facilities to the teachers at district level.

Training of Teachers

The project aims to train about 3,500 under-qualified and untrained teachers who are employed in the government-aided SHS schools. School principals and key administrators will also receive training. This training aims to develop professional acumen to demonstrate their professional and educational responsibilities in the context of the Meghalaya Education System, develop knowledge and skills in planning for reflective teaching, various teaching methodologies and in providing feedback to the pupils they teach based on best practices, develop their confidence in evaluating and reflecting on their professional practice in school. Besides this, PIU1 shall train 367 teachers as Master Teachers on various subjects

Key Performance Indicators for PIU 1

  • Passing Percentage in annual secondary board examination (state level)
  • Passing Percentage in annual higher secondary board examination (state level)
  • No. of Secondary Schools where Dropout Rate decreased by 5%
  • No. of Trainees securing more than 60% marks in B.Ed course
  • No. of Master Trainers received training (out of 100)
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